Yesterday morning I took Alice across to soft play in our neighbouring village and whilst super freezing cold, the sun was shining and it felt so good to get out after a week of being indoors resting from a heavy cold and feeling blah! Our whole week has literally been spent at home, playing, resting and doing very little as I have felt unwell and just like my brain and… View Post

I have felt for a while that I probably need a desk to work from. My blogging jobs are becoming more and more frequent and most days I feel flustered when I have to keep moving from room to room to find a suitable work space. I have commented to Nathan on several occasions recently that what I really need right now is an area to call my own, with… View Post

Aside from the gorgeous flurry of snow we had at the weekend, it hasn’t been the best of weeks. Nothing too major, just more of life (you know?) and probably a feeling of being done with January now! And so when you feel like that, it can be quite hard to remember the good things can’t it? I know I have struggled initially to remember them all, and so for… View Post

I am an emotional eater! There I said it! When I am stressed, down, grieving or just hormonal I gauge on chocolate, cookies, pizza and ice cream, and boy is it good. But since the hell that is September (Poppy’s Anniversaries), I am trying to establish when emotional eating ceased and just general gauging began? All I know is that in recent weeks my clothes have felt more than a… View Post