Last year, around this time, I exerted physical and mental energy beyond anything I ever imagined as I completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks. It was basically 25 miles of pure torture, and whilst there were moments, like stood on top of the mountains where nothing but awe and beauty filled my soul, the dominating feeling was one of how hard it was and how much my body hurt! I often think… View Post

I have now made it sanely to the 3rd Trimester and whilst I am yet to see my midwife later today, for now things seem to be progressing well and looking good, and that really is a relief for me. I am 28 weeks today and on the last leg of the journey, it won’t be long before we are counting down in single figures and then hopefully holding the little… View Post

Iv’e recently got back into watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ (and more recently 5 star babies at the Portland Hospital, which is so good). For a while I was wondering if it was the best choice? Whilst I LOVE reality TV and shows like these, I have avoided a once loved programme and anything relating to birth for about 2 years now since my 3rd pregnancy and birth experience suddenly became… View Post

This week I had dinner with one of my oldest friends from school, who also happens to be only weeks off expecting her 1st baby. It is an exciting thing for us to not only be pregnant together, but to be expecting a pair of girls that will also be in the same school year. Its mad, and we never could have imagined it 16 years ago as clueless teens with… View Post