I had a scare last week with Alice, one that seemed really major and worrisome at the time and had me “on tenterhooks”. It was a realisation to me of the fears which I carry that something might happen to her and I simply could not bare it… whilst things are in a great place, I am constantly reminded of how scarred I am from having one of my babies… View Post

I am sat here trying to the remember the last time I cried over the loss of Poppy. Like really let myself feel it and have a good cry? Perhaps it was a couple of months ago leading up to her birthday? I honestly don’t really know. Only that nowadays those crying moments are way less frequent. I have however had a lot of moments where the emotions rise up… View Post

Today Alice is 4 months old…17 weeks and 4 days to be precise, and at such a significant stage in her development I can honestly say that I have no idea how much she weighs (busy mum life), only that 3 months to 4 has most definitely held the biggest changes in Alice’s little life thus far. She has gone from sleeping a nice chunk of 6hrs + to waking every… View Post

I remember a week or two after Poppy had passed away and how I realised that my world was so different now, and I not only grieved and longed for my baby, but I grieved for the life that was before too. Things were so very different I didn’t even have the words. I just felt lost – lonely, sad, angry, confused and yes, lost. My view of life was… View Post