Whilst a huge Green Day fan, this post is not an appreciation of their music and lyrical choice, but rather one reflecting on what an awful month September has suddenly become in my life. I always used to love the month of September with the haul of new school wear and stationary, seeing friends again and the crispness of Autumns approach, but now? Well now my experience is that it… View Post

It has been 18 months now since our daughter Poppy was born sleeping at term, and almost a year since my 1st mother’s day as a bereaved mother. I feel like in that time a lot of fog has lifted and my emotions have settled to a state I would describe as “more controlled”, but it doesn’t seem to lift the small ounces of anxiety and dread on days like… View Post

I sat on a train last Wednesday morning with 2 giddy little children excited to be visiting family instead of being in school. The sun was beating down and we were enjoying some treats we had grabbed in the station…what a beautiful day it was, yet what a painful day it was to become. I was on my way to the hospital to meet Mr Smith with some clothes and… View Post

I believe that healing from the loss of a child is a very slow, even life long process. I recognise that it is something I will feel in my soul probably for the rest of my life, and whilst that is a hard realisation, it also means that I can not be so hard on myself if I suddenly become emotional or have a terribly painful day, because to erase… View Post