Purple stained hands and mouths I think are an essential part of childhood at this time of year.  I remember spending absolutely hours in the forest behind our home, with my sisters and giant ice cream tubs and filling them to the brim (mum must have loved it) and now whenever I smell black berries it takes me back to those days of adventure as a kid. Unfortunately I also have… View Post

We are not gardeners, far from it. We have no idea of plant names, seasons they grow, what looks good together or how to care for them. We managed one year to grow corriander and lettuce but that was all and our flower knowledge is very limited! We barely manage to keep the hedges we do have trimmed back and lawn manicured, and whilst I have this new love of… View Post

I have surprised myself recently with how successfully I have been able to get my craft on. The summer is always a busy time in our family with birthdays and fathers day and so to personalise these events a little and to cut down the cost I decided to try my hand at making a couple of gifts with my new found skills and hobbies. I also hoped it would determine… View Post

Like so many other people I have oodles of pins on various boards on my pinterest account, most are to just admire and dream about, others have been attempted and failed and then every so often I attempt one and boom…NAILED IT! This happened this week – Tuesday to be precise. In our church we each have little voluntary positions we take on to help one another, it is a… View Post