Modest clothing is something that is really important to me for a number of reasons. This choice and viewpoint with out a doubt comes from my religious lifestyle, but I am also very conscious of wanting to maintain my personality and personal style through fashion and the things I wear, as well as being modest in my look. Dressing modestly to me means that I wear my skirts, shorts and… View Post

I really love my bargains this month, and I am thinking because its mainly for me and nearly all accessories! They are very much reflective of the approaching cooler season (though right now this mild weather is lush) and just a few little things I picked up to spruce up my look. I begin in Primark, where I honestly believe is such a dangerous place to visit these days. £1,… View Post

Since about 20 weeks pregnant, or rather from the moment we were assured that things in this pregnancy were progressing “normally” I began to make plans of what pram, crib and changing bag I might want this time round. I have waited til almost the end of pregnancy to actually purchase these items due to all of my apprehensions, but I got there in the end buying my crib a… View Post

Hello March!!! Well what can I say other than at the moment I am currently feeling quite a bright and comfy pregnant lady as I have began to build my maternity wardrobe…Sadly this wasn’t the case a couple of weeks ago, when hormonal and in our usual rush to get out of the door I had a mini meltdown over the reoccurring female issues of “I have nothing to wear”!… View Post