These are a few of my favourite things!

We decided a few weeks ago that the last couple of days would be spent at the coast for a mini family break and accomplish a few activities off our “Summer Bucket list”. With the weekends news of Tri 18 it couldn’t have come at a better time, the weather has been lush and I have had fun with Nath and the kids on our adventures.

The Beach
On Monday we had a lovely afternoon on Filey beach with some of their cousins. Of course Ethan was straight in the water with Megs “digging a beach” close to the waters edge. I laid on a blanket and chatted to my sister about the baby and surprisingly didn’t get too emotional. The beach is my “happy place” and I always find it so peaceful. I loved watching Ethan having so much fun in the sea. I know if he could he would want to live near the beach.

“The pirate Ship” has been one of the things on the bucket list this summer,the kids talk about it EVERY TIME we are in Brid! I am so happy we finally planned to go on it…its only £1 so I don’t know why its taken us so long.


However the excitement was hindered when we realized the tide was out – WHOOOPPPSSS! Epic Fail!!!


A strawberry ice cream, walk on the harbour and some rides were a fair substitute (though we will take them before the summers out) and I realise more and more in life that it really is the small, tacky cheap experiences that are most memorable and bring them so much joy and excitement.


Boot sales
Nothing beats a good Car boot, the bargain hunter in me goes nuts at them. I see things I never knew I needed and ALWAYS have to set myself a budget and exercise self control. Strawberry fields in Brid is pretty famous throughout East Yorkshire and is weekly throughout the summer. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy either…I cant stand people in my way when i’m rummaging!



The kids always whine for tat and it ends up taking away from me enjoying it so much. To avoid that I said they both could have £2 each (generous I know – we don’t usually spoil them that much) to buy what THEY wanted but then that was it. I was so proud of Ethans bargain hunting eye and what he managed to get…

All were 'metal' so long lasting and quality. He also has a canvas police hat in his stash

All were ‘metal’ so long lasting and quality. He also has a canvas police hat in his stash

It was also interesting to see the things Megan was drawn to and asked for:

She already had the 'upsey daisy' but wanted another, wore the beads all day and was OBSESSED with the bouncy ball and bag of monsters

She already had the ‘upsey daisy’ but wanted another, wore the beads all day and was OBSESSED with the bouncy ball and bag of monsters

My bargains were a mint  Tshirt for 75p and an ‘Orchard’  family fave game – flipping 25p (They should have just given it away).

And what made me most happy was that even Nathan got into the car boot spirit; a book for 50p (RRP £15) and a CD £1.50. He certainly knows how to make me happy!!!


I feel like Summer is finally here…lets just hope it sticks around, life with young children is FAR easier when the sun is shining and the world is pretty much your oyster.

This weekend has been another complete Roller coaster and things I never imagined I would have to go through. We received the Amnio results very quickly, just after lunch on Friday and were told the baby does indeed have Trisomy 18 or “Edwards Syndrome” and that as a result of this there really isn’t a lot they can do for her. WOW – How much life can change in the space of an 11 minute phone call!!!

We are not experts on this condition but from what we understand is that a lot of babies are lost before birth because of it, 50% of those carried to term are still born and the average life expectancy for those born alive is 5-15days..of course these are just averages. Because of the limited life expectancy , Drs feel it cruel to put a child through open heart surgey and have all that to deal with too. She therefore is not eligible for surgery. We requested they help us to have her born alive and to sustain her life as long as possible that we and our family may have time to meet her and hold her.

I was grateful then that yesterday was such a beaut of a day…boiling hot sun and lots of laughs with the kids. Grandma got out the sprinkler and Ethan, Megan and their cousins spent AGES running around and laughing their heads off, I seriously love how much fun water is! I sat there in a deck chair, soaking up some rays and enjoying the moments of Joy we are blessed to experience amid the heartaches of life.

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Most women that have been pregnant will be aware of the invasive genetic testing that is the ‘AMNIO’!!

In all pregnancies I have been against it/not seen a need for it as to us and our family it made no difference what our child was or had. I have worked a lot in my life with children and adults with special needs and various syndromes and it has never bothered me and so knew if I ever bore a child with special needs I would just get on and raise them as “Normal”(hate that word) as possible.

It then was an extremely difficult decision to make when we were told that in this pregnancy it was an essential test in order to determine babies care plan. I have been shocked over the last 10 weeks at how many times I have been asked by Drs if we would like to continue or terminate the pregnancy. We have always, with out doubt, said that that is never an option for us. We have since been told that should baby Smith be born with a syndrome that is fatal, they will not proceed with surgery but that we will have a “comfort care” plan. How painful is that to hear??? The baby we are fighting so hard for doesn’t really stand a chance of life if she possesses one of 3 syndromes! With all this info, the choice was almost taken from us… we decided to wait until 30 weeks and risk pre-term labour as oppose to a miscarriage. We not only wanted the Drs to have as much info as possible but should it be bad news we wanted time to come to terms with it and know that we wouldn’t have long with our baby. Or (hopefully) if its all clear or not a life threatening syndrome then we and the Drs can do all we can to help her have the best chance possible.

Today at 30 + 2 after deciding it was right to go ahead with the Amnio off we went to have it done! EEEEK!
I was super anxious and quite emotional about the whole thing all week but today felt quite composed, the staff were excellent and so nice and clear about everything:

Awaiting procedure!

Awaiting procedure!

They first put some freezing sterile solution over my tummy and then inserted the narrow 12″ needle! (Sorry no pic of that part) It really didn’t take long, the needle felt much like a bee sting and they managed to take 20ml of amniotic fluid to test. Baby seemed fine after, as did I (so far). The bonus was we also had a 3d scan prior and saw some great pictures! We will know the outcome in 24hrs and any other chromosome problems within 2 weeks. We hope and pray she has a chance… our beautiful baby Smith the 3rd!



We had the most amazing day out this week to Alton towers and at the bargainous price of only £25 for us all! GET IN!


Neither Nathan or I had been in years and it was certainly different going with kids than as young adrenaline seeking adults! Things took a lot longer, way more toilet stops and towards the end quite A LOT of whining! But nothing prepared us for the sheer awe and joy on both of their little faces as they entered ‘CBeebies Land’ – our hearts were full of joy at the excitment on both of their little faces and it was that moment that reminded us why we decided to do the ‘Summer bucket list’! Family fun and joy was something we all needed after the last few weeks.

You can see Megan literally jumping for joy!

You can see Megan literally jumping for joy!

Other than the mono rail and cable cars I was strictly kids rides only; not that I was complaining as i’m not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to Roller coasters! I did however let Nath go off and ride a couple (Rita and The Smiler) and he was loving life. I think that he found it harder being bound to the kids areas than I did and so for that we were glad we hadn’t paid full price. If we were to go again we would deffs go with another family so he can have someone to go off and play with!

We all loved it though and Alton towers is so family friendly and thoughtful, an excellent start to our summer of fun!

Ethan’s Highlights:
“The tree top ride and postman pat are my favourites mummy”
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Megan’s Highlights:
“I see upsey Daisy…I yuv her” and bouncing like a nutter in ‘Wobble world’

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