Yesterday I tried my hand at Hungarian Pancakes! In the words of my kids “they were the best Pancakes ever” which I assure you is purely down to the fact that these pancakes are much sweeter than your regular fluffy breakfast sorts or crepes, and more of a dessert pancake, so therefore being the little sugar monsters that they are, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

We have a little bit of a tradition in our home, that on the weekends I tend to make a breakfast instead of the usual grab some toast and cereal in the weekly rush. We enjoy the opportunity to sit together and make breakfast more of a thing, start the weekend off a little differently and you can guarantee that the kids will always opt for Pancakes!

I love this little thing we have going, because to me pancakes were only a thing we did on “Pancake Day”, and my mum would make a tonne of Crepe style pancakes that we would enjoy first with a savoury mince, and then with Lemon juice and sugar (and in later years chocolate spread!). It must have taken her ages with 4 of us and them, and perhpas that is why they were only a yearly treat!

Having spent some time living in the states in my early 20s, I began to enjoy American style pancakes with maple syrup as a breakfast, and these are the ones I tend to go for on our weekend pancake breakfasts. We enjoy them with berries, natural yogurt and either honey or maple syrup, and as if Megan plays it right she can often bag herself a sneaky midweek pancake breakfast before school because we love them so much.

As we approach Pancake Day Next week, we have teamed up with Expedia to inspire you to try a new “World Travel” inspired pancake creation. As our regular pancakes are already inspired by America, we decided to opt for something completely different, hence yesterday I made Hungarian Pancakes…

Hungarian Pancakes

Like all pancakes, the Hungarian variety require the usual cupboard staples of Flour, milk and eggs, the difference however is the added sugar and soda/sparkling water, thus making them a lot sweeter,  and less appropriate maybe as a breakfast! They are thin, similar to crepes and have all manner of jams and spreads inside, rolled up and topped with powdered sugar.

Ingredients/How to:
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 150 grams of plain flour
  • 300 ml of whole milk (though I used Soya and it was fine)
  • 150 ml of sparkling water or ½ teaspoon of baking soda + 150 ml water (2/3 cup)
  • pinch of salt
  • icing sugar for dusting
  • oil for frying

In a bowl whisk the egg with sugar and salt and then add in milk and flour a little at a time to avoid lumps. When its smooth add any remaining milk and the sparkling water.

Batter should cover a hot pan as a very thin layer with no holes!

What we liked

The kids loved how they were rolled up and sooo sweet. They found them to be a real little treat and easy to eat, and this too was a novelty about these pancakes.

I really like them as a quick/cheap dessert and will probably go ahead with them this pancake day as just that. They certainly are tasty to follow up a regular nutritious dinner ! I thoroughly enjoy trying out new recipes and seeing other countries take on an old fave. Its so interesting how different parts of the world can take something and yet eat it in a totally different way.

Why not take your kids on a tasty trip around the world this Pancake day by making some travel inspired pancakes! Its so much fun to mix things up…and who knows you may find a new family fave that might just inspire you to book a little trip yourselves.

My Petit Canard

Alice is now 7 months old and has naturally progressed onto the textured stage of weaning, known commonly as “Stage 2”. There are still finger foods alongside it, but for the most part its spoon fed mashed foods at meal times with finger snacks when out and about! This stage again is an exciting one as it opens up way more variety of foods and tastes, and is becoming increasingly easier for her to join in with most of our family meals.

One of the main/only things I have struggled with at this stage (and it has seriously been a pattern with them all), is that of being organised to have food with us or making an appropriate dinner for them. Pouches obviously help to an extent with this issue but the majority of the time it annoys me at the price when if I could just be a little more organised her meals would be no more expensive than what I am already making at home.

We were recently asked by OXO tots to test out some of their weaning tools, to see if it would make my life easier. They sent us the Baby food mill, roll up bib, easy grip spoons and flip lid snack pot (which is super handy for finger foods on the go).

Baby Food Mill

I find it rather exciting that in the short space of time between having each of my children, new products and gadgets swarm the market each in a bid to make our lives easier. But how do we know if they are any good or just a fad?

Having been through weaning with now 3 kids I can tell you that is a really good little gadget, which has not only made life easier, but is fun to use too! It has really taken the stress out of baby meals because whether you are at home or on the go, food can easily be blended into lumps suitable for Baby. It is a fantastic little gadget to make any baby food at home and we use it more and more with anything from spag bold, to Sunday dinners, casseroles and stirfrys.

Most of our meals are made from scratch and hardly ever use salt (and never sugar) in the cooking process and so are naturally baby friendly. I spoon a little into the mill, wind the handle and boom – baby food! No extra cost and left overs can be quickly mushed and popped in a tub for lunch the next day. Its obviously an investment but with a couple of weeks of not having to buy jars and pouches you quickly recuperate the money back! I am yet to remember to take it out with us, but I know life can only get better with it in tow.

I love that Alice is getting a taste for my cooking, with all of its herbs and spices, and will hopefully continue to be a good eater like her siblings!

Roll up Bib

 The roll up bib is perfect for on the go as it not only fits nicely in the bag, but also is wipeable and easy to keep clean. It keeps meal time mess to minimum (unless you accidentally tip it down yourself – not that I ever have!!) and we have been using this on a daily basis too. I like the high neck as it stops sneaky foods staining the collars on her clothes, and I have found that Alice prefers it on for when she is having finger foods as she can easily find the lost bits and start all over again. Its like a little treat of half eaten cucumber sticks and bits!

 For a bib its a little more than I would usually spend but I guess if your going to be using for a good year or so then its probably worth it. I guess you have to look at all the stained clothes your saving on too?!

Good Grip feeding spoons

You know you’re a mum when you become excited about the make up of blumming weaning spoon. But honestly, their spoons are the most comfortable I have found for feeding and I find them reasonably priced and do really enjoy using them. The contoured handle makes it easy to hold, the stainless steel core makes it feel sturdy and the narrow shape is really efficient at use as you can easily get it into babies mouth. I am assuming the silicon spoon part is fine…shes never complained!

Their products are really lovely and colourful, and I have found that they have really helped make this stage easier. I especially love those spoons and having a quick way to make her some food without having to dig out the blender…so excited to keep building that palette!

*Thank you to OXO Tots for sending us these samples to try and keep in return for an honest review. All thoughts and pictures are my own and we have been very impressed by the quality of their products.


Last Saturday morning we had the wonderful opportunity to go along to the SEALIFE sanctuary in Scarborough for the grand unveiling of their latest resident “Babs the Octopus”. It was a really lovely morning filled with exciting (and even comical) creatures at every turn, with of course the new mesmerising octopus-themed enclosure being a highlight!

Octopus Hideout provides a real insight into the lives and unique habits of these incredible cephalopods and houses the jet-propelled, gas-fuelled prehistoric nautilus; a primitive octopus in a spiral shell that uses its own bodily gases to propel itself around. The cuttlefish – a captivating type of mollusc which can change colour to give itself the perfect camouflage against any background, and the teeny tiny Atlantic Long Arm Octopus, a small sea creature with arms longer than its 90 millimetre body!

In Pride of place is of course Babs! She is one of the biggest octopus species in the world, “the Giant Pacific Octopus” and can weigh up to 50 kilograms and can grow to a huge five metres in length! In addition to its jaw-dropping size, these invertebrates are unbelievably smart; solving mazes, opening jars and disguising themselves along the way by matching their skin to the colour, pattern and texture of the environment surrounding them.

Whilst there we also experienced Penguin Island, which was filled with lots of laughs, performances and cheekiness from the Humboldt penguins. Saw and heard of the work they do in rehabilitation for local seal pups. And enjoyed everything from Jellyfish to seahorses, sharks, rays and the gorgeous Longhead turtle “Antiopi”.

Sealife in Scarborough, to me is a step ahead of your average Aquarium for tourists and this is what gives it a special feel when you visit. Of course it has the wow factor with sharks over head, intriguing penguins and now an octopus. But it is also a home to injured creatures (like Aniopi with brain damage), and a rescue centre for sea creatures great and small. Having grown up just down the road in Bridlington, I have great memories of my visits to Scarborough Sealife in my younger days and I loved taking the kids there last weekend to see what had changed and what great work they continue to do.

I knew they would love it, we all did, especially Megs and her passion for animals, and we were not only impressed with the new Octopus exhibit, but loved everything from the Dory fish to the seals, to jelly fish and Penguins. They were in awe at the “seal hospital” and had many questions not only about each tank and exhibit, but also about the poorly seals and was being done to help them!

It is such a special place, being Yorkshires only seal hospital and a visit there this year will not only guarantee the expected Sealife adventure but will go to help this great cause and give you some understanding on how much is done to help the creatures of our seas! Its just a really great day out together and I hope you can be wowed and touched like we were!

For further information or to pre-book tickets online before your visit please go to Reduced prices are available for tickets booked in advance.

*Thank you to Scarborough Sealife for inviting us along to their Press morning to experience all of the wonders for Free in return for a write up! All opinions are my own. 


Yesterday we rounded off our half term break with a Nintendo inspired visit to Bradford Media Museum, to be partakers of the “YO-KAI WATCH” experience they currently have there.

Whilst we are obviously behind the times and had never heard of the mysterious world of Nintendo’s YO-KAI WATCH, we were still very excited to go and check it out after receiving an invitation from them. The media museum has always been a favourite of ours, and enjoyed all the more so now the kids are older and can better appreciate and explore everything it has to offer. It is always exciting to go to places we love and see what’s new, and on this occasion it didn’t matter that we new nothing of this latest craze because we knew it would be just as great as other events we have attended there and an opportunity to be educated. The wonderful staff welcomed us with an easy  and captivating explanation, handed us a worksheet and then we set out to hunt around the museum for the answers in order to win our very own YO-KAI WATCH.

Yo-kai watch is big in Japan and is all about this idea that Yo-Kai wander around our world, invisible to most. Usually, they have no bad intentions, but they have a mind of their own paired with a unique talent for mischief! With the power of the Yo-kai Watch, you can find these hidden Yo-kai, befriend them, and call upon their powers when you need their help. This idea completely hooked Megan and she quickly got into this make believe world of Yo-Kai! They loved the treasure hunt feel it had, and as we later had an opportunity to play the game with the Nintendo experts, we loved the feel of being “in the game” on a treasure hunt around the museum.

Its a great opportunity to build the kids imagination, if like me you act the make believe games with them, if not its a fun scavenger hunt! The trail helped us to stop and take note of fascinating artefacts within the museum, that previously I know we have overlooked and that too was a great opportunity for the kids to appreciate history on a level that brought it home to the world of media as we see it now. It was great fun to use them as talking points and make comparisons (which I loved) when previously we wandered through to “play”, “Be on TV” and “see old TVs”. It is certainly a museum that grows with with you.

Both Ethan and Megan quickly picked up what it was all about and Megs couldn’t have been more excited to complete it and now be owning a Yo-KAI watch!

After a gorgeous lunch in the Museum cafe, they thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play it on the Nintendo 3Ds with experts guiding them and praising them as they mastered a hand held gaming console (a great novelty in our family). We had a 15 minute slot and it was just enough and lots of fun – the highlight for Ethan apparently!

We rounded our visit off with our favourite thing to do at the media museum and booked a little booth to watch Wallace and Gromit. It was certainly a fun end to our half term, seeing a combination of our little traditions in with something completely new and yet so fun and interesting! We all learnt a lot, had fun and best of all it was FREE!!

I really love that National Media Museum is ever changing and giving us opportunities to experience the latest aspects within our Media. I love that through the things that appeal to kids and are current, they also have an opportunity to better grasp parts of our history, and it just makes it fun for us all to do things like this together!

YO-KAI WATCH is on until the 26th of February and is all completely FREE! You can join in the fun this week with your kids by finding the YO-KAI around the museum to win their very own watches, see the cartoon, crafting and even playing the game too (make sure you book on arrival). You can take a picnic or enjoy the delicious delights on offer in the Cafe (Ethan would highly recommend their pizza)! And round off your visit playing retro games or watching old Tv programmes!

We love the Media Museum and you don’t have to know anything about YO-KAI before embarking on a visit this half term, it will all be revealed upon arrival and the kids will love it!

*Thank you to the Media Museum for inviting us to review this Half term extravaganza and for feeding us while we were there. All thoughts and pictures are our own!