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A lot of people dream of the day that they can finally quit their job and start making money from home. For years we’ve imagined what it would be like to earn cash online instead of having to take that annoying commute every morning.

Now the world has finally reached a point where earning money on the web is possible for almost anyone.

Today, earning money online is more than just a pipe dream. There are plenty of online revenue strategies out there that aren’t nearly as complicated as you might think – all you need is a little creativity and patience. Here are some simple ways to start earning your own cash on the web.


Got a skill that translates well into the digital world? Then you’re always halfway towards a lucrative business online. As a freelancer, you can sell just about any talent that other people are looking for on the web. For instance, there are freelancers out there that write blogs for marketing purposes, as well as freelancers who create designs for websites. You can even earn money creating videos and animations for other companies.

It can take some time to find clients as a freelancer, and you’ll need to commit yourself to continually searching for new sources of income. However, freelancing can be a great way to earn extra money, without losing control of your schedule.

2.Become a Consultant

Another easy way to start making money online as a consultant. Once again, you’ll need to be an expert in your field if you’re going to convince people that they should invest in your skills. However, if you have years of experience within a particular industry (or you’ve built up a strong knowledge of a certain niche), then you should be able to find at least some people online who could benefit from your skills.

The best thing you can do to launch your business as a consultant is to start with a robust social media presence – Create a name for yourself online as someone that people can rely on for in-depth knowledge on a particular subject. Make sure you don’t try to focus on too many industries at once, as this can reduce your credibility.

3.Teach People

If you have a skill that is valuable enough to earn you a place as a credible consultant, then you could also consider teaching your talents to other people through online courses. There are plenty of websites today that you can use to set up classes that people can pay for either as a downloadable eBook or an online program.

When it comes to deciding what you’re going to teach, the options are pretty much limitless. For instance, you could teach people how to play guitar using videos or show them how to design and build their own website. The more popular your courses become, the more you’ll begin to earn money without a lot of extra hard work.

4.Sell the Things you Make

If you’re a creative person, but are not someone who knows how to use the online world very effectively, you’ve still got options for making money online. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, it’s easy to sell the products you make to people in your local area through social selling pages and groups.

You can also try selling your items on dedicated selling websites like Etsy and eBay too. The key to success with these options is making sure that you know how to advertise yourself and generate attention for your minicompany. Over time, if you begin to earn a reputation in your space, you might find that your small sales page becomes a full-fledged business with its own website.

5.Test Websites and Software

Finally, if you’ve always had a passion for technology, or you love finding out what makes things tick, then you might have a fantastic time working as a website or software tester. As long as you have a good idea of what a good website should look for, then there are plenty of sites out there looking for people just like you to let them know whether their site is working correctly.

Most of the time, you’ll be asked to check that all the pages in the website load properly and that the links on the navigation bar send people to the right places. You might also be able to edit and adjust the content as you go through the website.

Making money online has never been easier – you just need to find what works for you.


We are currently enjoying a lovely long (and rather wet) family weekend in Scotland with Nathans family. We arrived on Thursday after several stops on the way up, and whilst the weather has been rather wet and windy, we were blessed yesterday with enough sunshine to enjoy a day at the beach – it was so lovely and bursting with beauty!

This week has been great for seeing our friends and looking forward to this long bank holiday weekend with family in Scotland. We have done loads together and can hardly believe that in just over a week we will back to school! It makes me a little sad to be entering a new chapter when we are so very much enjoying these Summer adventures together!

Grateful For 

This week I am grateful for open fires in this spectacular house we are staying in – they are both relaxing and a big source of warmth for us on an evening! I am grateful for luxury accomodation we can all stay in together too and just generally for a family holiday with all of our great family in such a cool location.

I am grateful for friends and the lovely days out together this week. And I am grateful for the yummy cookies at LIDL bakery – they have always been a firm favourite of mine and after a whole week of no sugar, I have enjoyed a couple this weekend as a holiday treat!

Succeeded At

This week I succeeded at losing 3lb of the 10 or so I have slowly piled on! The aforementioned cookies may jeopardize that progress, but for now I shall celebrate this small accomplishment!

We also succeeded at making it to Scotland in okay time with little drama – a fine achievement for anyone with 3 kids in tow!

Found Beauty In 

This week again has been one of great beauty. My soul has felt joy to walk through the pretty countryside around our house in East Yorkshire with our friends, and to see Alice and Megan having so many moments of play and sisterhood!! I have loved seeing my children laughing and playing with cousins and schoolmates and, finally, I have loved the beautiful decor of this house where we are staying and the views and coastlines that surround us!

Scotland is so beautiful and I am thankful to be here together… It is always a lot of fun when are all together as a ginormous family.


Did you know that we can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, often without even noticing?

Personally my hair is (and always has been) very thick and does seem to shed a lot – especially since having kids and at times when I am very anxious or stressed! Whilst it is quite annoying for Nathan to always find longish blonde hairs everywhere and to have the plug constantly blocking up, it isn’t anything I have ever really worried about. My hair does seem somewhat thinner nearer to the front, but with all the kids I’ve had, the stress I have faced in recent years, and the bleach I periodically get put through is it really any wonder? I am surprised my hair isn’t any worse off!

No, for me thankfully it isn’t anything that causes me stress or upset and, as my hair is thick and I am reasonably good at styling it, I almost feel like I can spare a few hairs to be lost each day and have it slightly thinner near the front – it isn’t a problem!!

For some people however (and you may well be one of them) hair loss IS a real problem and can cause feelings of low self esteem and even embarrassment. Baldness is something we tend to associate with men and as Nathan and I and our friends are becoming well aware of, this is something that is becoming more and more apparent the older we all get (sorry guys!). But hair loss also can (and does) affect many women too and whether male or female, and whether expecting it or not, losing hair can be stressful, upsetting and perhaps even scary!

Hair transplant? 

There are many reasons for hair loss – Stress, illness, Iron deficiency, cancer treatment and then age and genetics too. For some of these, there are medicines available via the GP and over time your body can replenish itself and your hair will grow back. For some individuals however their hair loss isn’t so easily resolved and so what is their answer?

Well you could embrace it – baldness often runs in family and with time you may be fine about it, but for many women and some men, this can be an awkward stage of life – especially if baldness is unexpected or seemingly premature!

Hair transplants therefore offer an opportunity for some to be able to have hair follicles grafted back and produce for them excellent results to rid themselves of balding/bald patches! And, if your hair loss is bothering you, this certainly may be something you want to seriously consider. Whilst here in the UK this can be a pricey affair, there are places all around the world where it can be done more budget friendly! Turkey is one of these places and could be a great option for combining a holiday and a life changing procedure in one (you really would return a new and improved you!).

You can find details here about the cost of Hair transplants in Turkey So if you are experiencing hair loss to a degree that bothers you, and there isn’t anything that can be done via your GP then why not look into it?

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This Summer has been wonderful, and great for the days we’ve been able to spend with our friends from the village! Our lifestyle is very different these days and we spend a lot more time with the people we live around (which is lovely). I love that the our neighbours and the kids my kids go to school with are not only our friends now, but also the people we socialise with and go on adventures with!

I have loved having the time to talk and laugh with my new pals whilst the kids spend all day playing and getting along.

On Monday we walked 4 miles locally (it took all morning) and the week before that we spent a whole day on the beach in Hunmanby. Then Thursday we had a day out to Scarborough! These trips have been pretty nuts, but a lot of fun too, and they have made Summer more memorable. The great part is that they have also all been FREE!!

Whilst there is still a good week or so of the summer holidays left, I thought I’d share with my Yorkshire readers especially, a few free ideas we have enjoyed with our friends in big groups – just in case you have hit desperation mode and need a couple more ideas to see you through til September!

1. A beach day 

2 weeks ago we went to Hunmanby Gap which lies between Bempton and Filey on East Yorkshire Coast. The day wasn’t super warm, but dry and sunny enough to be able to spend a good 6 hours on the beach digging with friends and chasing the tide (and a seal!). There were about 8 families that came and we built a little base on the beach, where the kids played non stop around us all day and we enjoyed banter and picnics!

I swam in the sea with one of my friends and we all generally just chilled and had fun with one another. I realised on this day that seemingly ordinary days, and things we would usually do over the Summer anyway, were enhanced 10 fold by being in a big group of great friends!


Just up the coast is filey brigg and we have also been there twice this Summer for rock pooling with family and extended family. If you want another idea then know that it makes for a real adventurous free day too even with wellies and raincoats on!

2. A country walk 

As we live in a village now, we are fortunate enough to be able to walk 5 minutes out of our door and be in beautiful fields and open countryside. We took advantage of this on Monday and had a spontaneous group trek with dogs and kids! We did just shy of 4 miles on a circular walk that brought us home again. The weather was dry and I enjoyed the exercise and chat with my friends. It always makes me smile to see my kids running through fields and embracing nature – especially when surrounded by their best friends from school (or cousins too).

You may not live as close as us, but a local nature walk of any description with friends, makes for easy exercise and a lovely time!

3. Scarborough open air theatre 

On Thursday a group of us headed to Scarborough in convoy and had a walk around peasholm park and a picnic overlooking the lake.

From there we walked over the road to the open air theatre where they had a 2 hour family friendly show. This was a free event that runs throughout the summer and was so feel good and chilled. There was singing, dancing, “Double Trouble”, magic, puppets and laugh out loud Comedy! The kids absolutely loved it and it was nice to sit in the sun and be entertained together. I was really impressed with what a great day it was and will certainly be keeping it on my radar for next Summer!

Sadly on this trip some of the mums were working but it was great to be with the ones that could come!


These little outings and local adventures have made our summer holidays extra special, more fun and adventurous, and they have meant we have spent less whilst still making lots of lovely memories! I love our new friends… they make the ordinary extraordinary!

 I love that we have found wonderful friends amongst our neighbours and that we have found people with like minded interests and outlooks on life. I enjoy hanging out with them, not just because they are lovely people and friends but because there is a high chance our kids are all going to grow up together and end up in the same high school too, and that makes me a little bit excited (and scared) that these potentially could be more than neighbours and school mates – but friends for life!!