As a stay at home mum my days are spent with our little ray of sunshine, Alice. It has, and still is a huge adjustment to have gone from 2 crazy energetic kids to one small chilled out baby. I love my role, but some days do feel a little bit of drag. Most days though I enjoy the freedom, feel blessed to have this time with her and love the time to get things done together.

Like both of her older siblings, parents and the majority of our family, she LOVES her food. Weaning has been straightforward, easy even, and she will eat pretty much anything! I have gone from buying mostly jars and pouches in recent weeks (convenience) to serving up whatever we are having. That or left overs from the day before, and its working so much better (and she loves it all the same)!

With meal time being one of her favourite times of day (to the point that she will cry when I say “all gone”), I have noticed that as I sat her in her Bumbo seat (and now her high chair), she starts to dance. Like a little dinner dance.

It begins with a few leg kicks, some bum bounces and ripples up to her arms before a little squeal is let out. With eyes fixated on my every move, her little body wiggles around in anticipation for what will be served up today, and I can’t help but smile at how excited she is.

Once the food arrives, and as she enjoys each morsel, the dance goes from a full body zumba-esque to a simple toe tapping. It has kind of become a joke with us all – “ay up the toes are tapping, dinner must be ready” (said in a forced Yorkshire accent)!! And It’s all rather cute and joyful.

It is one of those things that make me smile each meal time, and one of the many ways she brings joy to our home.

There really is nothing cuter than a little baby dancing for her dinner. It is an ordinary moment in our days together, an ordinary moment at meal times, and something I don’t remember the others doing. I hope I always remember her doing it though and especially the joy and laughter it brings to us all! Thank you Alice for your love of food and dancing tendencies to brighten our days.




The Ordinary Moments

Our Family in April has had adventures, chilled out weekends, no late marks for school (#win), far too many chocolate eggs and a massive shift on the house moving front. I’d say overall it has been a pretty successful month and one that has certainly flown by.

Our Pictures this month were taken on the very first day of April when we enjoyed a wonderful visit to Edinburgh / The Scottish boarders with my “big sister” and her family, and then a bonus one from the seaside on probably the only Spring feeling day (Alice is on my back).

Scotland was the ultimate adventure with a picnic tea and road trip after school, to stay in a beautiful old Scottish house in the middle of no where, and whilst very tiring,  it was so brilliant and loved by us all. The weather was great, the scenery great, the company great and it was the best way to start off our month and Easter break from school.

The castle was fab, and we just had a very much needed break and enjoyed being together.

The Easter holidays were more random and sporadic than what our norm has been. But it worked well, the kids enjoyed themselves and we had some fun days out. I loved that by the time they went back to school, the month was half way done, we were a step closer to summer and weeks away from more breaks and school holidays.

The biggest thing this month, aside from trips and no school, was certainly to do with the move! We have commented to each other recently that moving house is very much like expecting a baby – People ask for an update all the time! They like to ask whats happening, if there any changes and “when is it all happening” (id only we knew). Its so funny… all fine obviously, and lovely too they’re all so interested in our family, but it’s funny too.

So for all those who are asking, dare’nt ask, or couldn’t give two hoots… we pulled out of the house we were buying (for several reasons) and made an offer this week on another. The offer was accepted and whilst we are still moving to East Yorkshire, the village is different, the school and house are different, and we are quite possibly way more excited about it than we already were.

Our house sale is almost ready to sign (at least that’s what we are led to believe), and so it looks like we may have a couple of weeks of homelessness – or living with parents! Thankfully though our new sellers are very keen and we hope to move fast with the purchase to get the kids into school by the summer term (June for those who aren’t in school). So fingers crossed we have no more changes and curve balls!

My only wish for May is for more adventures, lots of warmth and sunshine (please), and a moving date! Not much then… we are on the countdown now to Megsies 5th Birthday in June and so its all wish lists and cake planning here, and of course … lots more packing!

In April we are Grateful for:

* Our House sale going well
*Our offer being accepted on the New one
*A trip to Edingburgh
*A reliable car
*Generous people giving chocolatey gifts
*Clothing sales

The Me and Mine Project

Ugh this week was rough! Feeling Bleugh, bad news and snow showers? (What the!)…I am pretty pleased to be saying goodbye to it and hello to a bonus bank holiday weekend that I completely forgot about. I am so very much looking forward to a long weekend with the fam.

One of my favourite pics from this week was taken by Nathan when I was well and truly in thrifting mode. It makes me laugh every time I see it and sums up the highlight of the week – A new highchair for Alice.

High Chair

Just like our recent cot purchase, the highchair has been way over due! The main reason with this one though is purely down to the fact that I have wanted for so long a lovely wooden high chair this time round as oppose to the Ikea one (HA). I had found the perfect one on Gumtree for just £15 and went to pick it up, only to find that the address was wrong, I had left my phone at home and my 3 kids in the back were going nuts!

It wasn’t pretty and I was gutted about the whole thing.

Fast forward to this week and my trusty Shpock app showed me a white Ikea one up the road for only £5. Yes! Barg!

I had the red one with Ethan and Megan, and they’re really good – simple, easy to store and clean, and just generally do the job. After the stress of the wooden one, and it being the ultimate bargain, I just decided to go for it, and all the kids (especially Alice) have loved having it. They push her around like a ride, enjoy having her sat next to us at dinner/breakfast, she is more chilled, and its been way more convenient for getting things done and keeping baby happy! (Win Win).

It looks good, was only 5 quid, was picked up locally (3miles away) – such a fabulous barg!

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

If you haven’t already seen my Vlog on this then I will attach it to the bottom of this post so that you can. But basically a spontaneous trip to Matalan on Monday turned into me hitting the sale jackpot both there and in Sainsbury’s, and therefore gaining a new wardrobe for Alice. It should have been £71 for it all and I only spent £28!!

I love stuff like that, when its all so random and yet so fruitful!

Enjoy your bank holiday and keep an eye out for those car boots on Monday!



I get so excited to see daffodils in bloom. Whilst not my most favourite flower, those little yellow heads pop up every year without fail to greet us and let us know Spring is here! They are a sign of warmer and longer days ahead after the drag of winter. They brighten the world and just make everything look better after it has died off in winter, and they are strong little things that usually survive the random March/April snow showers we usually encounter too.

I think this is why Marie Curie chose it as a symbol for their annual “The Great Daffodil Appeal”.  A true sign of strength, reliability, and a little bit of colour, life and hope in a dull and cold season of life.

Having suffered our own loss due to a life limiting illness, we understand the pain and difficulty that comes both with a diagnosis and the grief and pain following. We appreciate those who work to help comfort, walk the journey with you, offer end of life care, and try to alleviate some of the suffering. Marie Curie asked us to reflect on this and to share with you how we can teach kids about the work charities do, and thus inspire them to want to do some good in the world to brighten it for others.

Teaching the work of Charities and Making the Daffodil Appeal work with kids

My children, like most kids have selfish tendencies and get lazy, they are by no means saintly (okay maybe sometimes haha) but on the whole they do have a charitable nature. For a start we shop regularly in charity shops and I always explain to them how our “pennies” will help others. They understand from so many visits to the hospice during my pregnancy and since, that because of the generous donations of others we can enjoy its facilities, and be helped by the lovely people at the hospice. They always nudge me when we see a homeless person and always want to give £1 and help.  These things are now our norm and easily in our reach. They are not by any means going to change the world anytime soon, but they are easy ways to help others and teaching them how to give.

I have noticed that kids usually do want to be kind and almost see it as an exciting thing to be able to help others. It makes me happy to see this as we have tried incredibly hard to teach them this both through church and at home. For us I guess we have first hand experience of being on the receiving end of charity work from both the hospice and then SANDS too. They have helped us show and talk to them about charities in action, and so I think choosing a charity to focus on with your kids and explaining it in a way they can understand really helps to plant charitable desires within them.

When thinking about Marie Curie and how we can help them in their appeal this Spring, it therefore only seemed natural that we would too incorporate an idea that is part of our norm like the other ways we have shown charity. I again wanted to show the kids how everyday things can easily help others. We decided to take the symbol of the daffodil, Spring, our love of the outdoors and came up with the idea of a Nature walk. Its a lovely thing and far less strenuous than the last time I raised money for charity.

Nature walk

There are so many lovely places to explore and I bet there are some fab places right on your doorstep. We headed to the park and did a spring-time scavenger hunt, whilst chatting about daffodils and the Marie Curie Charity.

If you would like to do something similar, then plan a manageable route with lovely things to see and find. It might be around a lake/reservoir, some woodland, the beach or like us the park. If appropriate then the Kids could take bikes and scooters too, pack a picnic and away you go. And then, if you felt inclined to support the Daffodil Appeal this year there are 2 ways you can make it work to raise money.

 1. Have the people who attend dress in yellow, and pass a pot round at the end for generous donations.

2. Have people pay 50p- £1 each to attend and have a scavenger hunt printed for the kids to do, and of course dress in yellow too if they wish.

Then have fun together. Enjoy nature. Chase nature and talk about its beauty and changing seasons. Chat to the kids about the beauty of the daffodils, their little heads bopping away, and how they can help others see colour and hope in a difficult season of illness.


 Ideas to hunt for:

1. Daffodils of different colours

2. Blossom

3. A grey stone

4. A bird feather

5. A stick

6. Something yellow

7. Something edible

8. A clover

9. A dandelion clock

10. Bark

11. Snow drops

12. A bug

13. A snail

14. Animal Tracks

15. A puddle

My kids love scavenger hunts, they love to collect natures treasures and they love to know they are helping others too. Things like this bring it down to their level. It simplifies the act of giving to charity and would certainly help them raise money in a way that is easy for them, enjoyable for them and something that they can easily ask their friends to be involved in too.

I Hope we have inspired you to have a blooming great time on a spring nature walk and raise a few kids for those facing terminal illness in the process!

*Collaborative Post