Last week Megan turned 5, and whilst a simple, low key affair to mark the day, she was over the moon to be rocking a couple more princess dresses, eating a barbie cake with family, and starting off her palace pets collection. She had several princess dresses, my little ponies and barbies at the top of her wish list, with a desire to do “G0 Ape” for her family day out activity! Its plain to see that she still drifts somewhat between the tomboy adrenaline seeker and gracious princess, and we love the vast differences that make her her and generally such great fun to be around.

Megan hasn’t change a whole lot in the last 12 months (other than height wise); she is still the epitome of sass, has an infectious laugh and imagination, is very funny, loving, overly emotional and a complete nutter. But one thing I have noted is how good and kind she is – I often describe her as being full of goodness, and she really is!

In her 4th year of life Megs has gone through some really big things with a new baby last summer, starting school in September, moving house a few weeks ago, and then starting school all over again last week. Of course you wonder how this might affect the kids (especially the first two with her being the “baby” for so long), but I was super proud to see that she embraced each of these huge things wonderfully and has taken them in her stride. She is now writing well, reading at a steady pace, has received all kinds of awards at her old school and makes friends easily. She adores her baby (most of the time) and really smothers her…overall she is growing into a really lovely young lady (with lots of sass).

At 5 years old I want to remember how much she now loves unicorns, princesses, accessories, dress up, movies, the beach, seeing her cousins and of course banter with her siblings.

I want to remember how she needs snuggles one minute and goes nuts if you touch her the next.

I want to remember how stubborn she is…how she mostly thinks she knows best, argues with me over ridiculous things, roles her eyes and bosses everyone about (and of course holds the biggest grudges)!

I want to remember the stories she fabricates (and that teachers believe), and how she believes most of what she watches.

I want to remember how much she loves food, treats, bakery’s, ice-creams, cheese pizza and pasta, and talks about places like Pizza Hut and Domino’s like she’s a regular.

I want to remember her love for animals, her goal to be a vet and marry a farmer, and how she craves adventures!

I can’t wait to see her in a couple of weeks at Go Ape and see how she grows in her 5th year of life. How the heck is she 5 already?


Run Jump Scrap!

A few weeks ago, and all by chance really, Ethan did a spot of modelling for a university fashion student. It was a really chilled (and interesting) night, and he had a lot of fun doing it. I was impressed at how well he listened and followed her instructions, and then how cool the pics were (to say they were taken in student digs).

The girl doing it was really pro and arty, and had set up a little studio in her lounge – she was just lovely and it was great that she asked to use Ethan. I love the shots she did of our cheeky little boy.

As I say it was all by chance, and came at the request of one of his Aunts! She has just completed her final year of a fashion degree and one of her friends wanted to photograph the pureness of childhood as part of her final project. She, on the off chance, asked if anyone knew of any young boys that would fit the bill, and so auntie suggested our little E.

I was happy to help them out, and with the offer of some free chocolate, so was he!

The whole shoot, from garment to backdrop and props were white and he really did look rather angelic. It was reflective of how man starts off pure and white and through life (and other garments she made) she told the story of change. He looked super cute and afterwards said it was a lot of fun and that he especially enjoyed all of the lights on set (and the bags of chocolate she gave his as a “Thank you”!). The shoot, along with her others, were exhibited last Friday night in Leeds for her project called “The Colour of Man”.

I wanted to share this small moment, and some of the pics to remember the day that little E looked so cute when he did a spot of modelling…


One of my favourite things about where we lived in Leeds was certainly the lovely school the kids attended. It was small, religious, filled with lovely families and just a short walk from our house and the park. We all fitted in well, had lovely friends and whilst the new school looked good on paper, you never really know.

This week saw a big ordinary moment associated with moving house – Starting a new school and for the first time in my life as a school mum we have done school runs on the bus and train!

On Monday morning we were all super excited to get into our new flow of life whilst living at Grandma’s, and caught the bus opposite her house up to the school (15 mins away) to our soon to be new village. We had a lovely tour and met their classes and teachers, and everyone was just so lovely. They wear daffodil yellow and bright blue, instead of the purple we were used to, and things are done a little differently too. But they have so many great things for the kids to do, and whilst unknown to us we were delighted immediately and left feeling very excited to start the day after!

Living away from the school for the time being, it has of course meant that we can’t just pop our shoes on and leg it round the corner in a mad dash like our usual school days have been, arriving in the final second. We rely on public transport or family for the moment, and so I have been way more organised on a school morning than I ever have been!

We have gone by bus (which here is a complete rip off), And then the train too which was a great adventure for us all…mostly though we have had the kindness of family drive us up daily and they have enjoyed seeing the kids go to school and come home with an array of stories.

I am incredibly grateful that their school is so lovely, that they are so happy and that starting school again has gone so smoothly! It is a small village school with small classes, in a beautiful setting. They are all friendly, the kids feel included and accepted, and they have been eager to go in every day and have left with smiles on their faces (what more could you want?). I am so excited about it, about their teachers and the clubs, the stuff they do and the fact that if I want to I can go have lunch with them too (or take them out and have a picnic) – what a bonus feature! I seriously feel like I am living the dream.

Yes it is a whole new way of life to that we have been used to, and I never imagined that something so ordinary as going to school would become such a great adventure – but oh what fun we’re having and how much we have to look forward to in the coming years here!


The Ordinary Moments

Erm where did Summer go please? I am really not enjoying the monsoon season we seem to have been flung into and it’s really thrown me off, making me all a little sad. I need some sun ray’s on my skin very soon please!

This week has been a funny old week, not only because of the torrential rain we’ve been subject to, but also because we had my Granddad’s funeral on Tuesday. That combined with still fighting the tiredness from moving and a complete change to life, I feel really weird right now. I am hoping that I will start to feel more me again soon, but in the meantime its been all systems go with the kids starting school in the village we are eventually moving to, their uniforms ordered (nothing frugal about that bill!), and then I have been trying my best to establish some routine for us whilst we are here living in limbo at Grandma’s house. In the process of all of that I have of course scouted out a few bargs along the way!


Rain coats (or any coat for that matter) have been the bane of my life this week. When I was packing to move it was a heat wave and all the coats/jackets and raincoats were put in a box and then went into storage. I wrongly assumed summer was here and we would be fine for a couple of weeks before we were reunited with them again and it was just extra “stuff” to take to our temporary home. But in true British style here we are in the midst of a down pour!

I headed into town yesterday with the goal to find Megs and Alice a raincoat to keep them going (Ethan thankfully had one in the car) and managed to find them both one very cheap. Megs was a pink “Lilly and Jack” mac for £3.50 and Alice a Next raincoat from the charity shop for £2.99. I was delighted!

Pizza Party

Megan turned 5 on Wednesday, it is not a party year but despite that we always treat them to a tea party or something special for dinner. We hoped to go out but are all done in and so said we would do that over the weekend. As a compromise Megan really wanted some cheese pizza and asked if we could order in Domino’s!

I was all for buying it (it was her birthday after all and an excuse not to cook), but then when we nipped into Tesco we saw they had the Chicago Town Take Away stuffed crust Pizza’s for £2.50 on offer. The stuffed crust drew her in and as they are super yummy she really wanted them instead (SCORE) so we bough 4 of those (to share with family too) and spent only £10 instead of £20-30!

High Interest Saver

And finally by far the best frugal choice this week…one that hasn’t saved just us money, but made us some! It comes in the form of interest. Our house is sold but we have not yet made a purchase, so in the mean time our money from the sale is sat doing nothing. We decided to open a high interest saver which pays 10x more interest than a regular and so until the purchase comes through it is sat in there making us a nice little chunk on a daily basis!

This weekend we are doing more celebrating of Megsie being 5, and hoping for a chilled one. Whatever you are doing I hope its great and filled with deals and bargs along the way!