About us



I live in Yorkshire with my hubs ‘Nath’ (Nathan) whom I adore, and we have been married 7 years. He is evidence to me that dreams come true. We are best buds and love to do all kinds of things together from seeing the world, to vegging with a movie; we just strive for fun together…we enjoy life despite its struggles and love good food, good films, history, the theatre (amongst other things) and laughing out loud.

Currently we are surviving enjoying being the parents of these 2 little nutters – Ethan & Megan, and our latest edition “Alice” – Our Rainbow Baby


Ethan is 6 and loves inventions, space, trains, cars, films, bugs, music and disco lights. He is such a joker, a little snuggler and loves to perform… he enjoys going to street dance and absolutely loves being in school and his little life there with all of his buddies! He is kind but wild!

Then there is Megan (who prefers Megs or Megsie) she is 4, stubborn, tough and a thrill seeker, but also loves all things princess, fairies and animals. She is very funny and likes to talk… ALOT, her latest passion is to pursue Gymnastics and one day be a Vet!
They get on wonderfully (except when they’re fighting) and thrive best when out doors.
I adore being their mother and taking them on life’s adventures!

4 years ago Nathan decided to return to University to advance his career in logistics and supply chain and I have spent some of the time working part-time around the kids teaching Baby massage, yoga and music to babies and toddlers, we live on a budget but never go with out and was very excited for his recent graduation and new job!

As we were already on the verge of insanity we decided to add to our brood and have a 3rd – unfortunately she was very sick and passed away 2 days before my due date in September 2014 resulting in a stillbirth.  I decided to start  blogging during the pregnancy to not only update friends and family but to document our lives as we try to live it to the full despite the “hearty problems” that weigh us down and since became a finalist at the 2015 Butterfly Awards.

I blog about our life’s adventures together…from our battles and experiences with infant loss and grief, to parenting, family days out and travel, and my personal loves of bargains, food, theatre, history and any thing else that takes my fancy!

Feel free to follow our journey, laugh with us and cry with us for our life is a roller coaster – we just try to have more ups than downs and have a joyful time together!



  1. Auntie Jukie
    July 13, 2014 / 10:12 am

    Mary I think you are simply an amazing woman. I’ve known you since birth and who would have thought that that little girl doing the ‘star tracking across the universe’ with your sister Jo could turn out the way you have! I feel honoured to be your Auntie and very proud to be able to watch you grow more and more. Xxxxxxxxx

  2. May 12, 2015 / 3:01 am

    You have a freestyle writing challenge awaiting you! Whenever you have time. It would be interesting to see what you write! It’s on my blog 😀