One of my biggest pet peeves as a school mum are the shoes the kids wear! Of course they need to be black and in line with their uniform code, but finding the balance between budget friendly, practical and hard wearing is an absolute nightmare! Both Ethan and Megan are very active and consequently their shoes take a lot on a daily basis – they ride either a bike or… View Post

When we initially found out that Poppy had died I went into a state of shock and detachment. I felt numb and at times it was like I was just going through the motions but not 100% there. There are times even now that this is how I survive day to day and get through things in my life, but I have come to find out that this is not… View Post

I am someone that absolutely loves and very much needs my sleep (just ask Mr Smith). In recent years this has been made much harder by 3 things – Kids, a snoring husband and restless nights on a springy tat mattress! Whilst I can’t do much about the first 2, the change of our mattress to a Simba Hybrid, has made a world of difference to how well I sleep!… View Post

Our week was rather a quiet one until we hit Friday and then it has been all rather full on and non stop! We had the school Summer fair, followed by a fabulous community event on Friday evening. And then yesterday we had the joy of watching Megsie in her Gymnastics competition where she bagged herself a silver medal! The afternoon saw Nathan and I taking Alice and Ethan to… View Post