At 2 months old Alice is smiling, silent laughing with the odd squeal coming out and engaging anyone who makes eye contact. She has a flirty persona (which most babies do and I love) and is very tolerant of older siblings in her face. I love how she moves her little mouth and all of her expressions to try and… View Post

Alice has been rather snuffly these past couple of weeks and on some days just whimpering whenever I put her down, this potentially could be such hard work but naturally and without thought on such days I have reached for my new Kangawrap and have been wearing her so as to keep her close and snuggly. This has not only… View Post

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will be very much aware that we have just had the 2nd Anniversary of loosing our daughter Poppy along with her Birthday. I always find that leading up to dates like these and again around Christmas, we seem to pass through a season that is emotionally hard and moments… View Post

I don’t know where you are what you are doing, but I feel wherever you are its not far from us. I believe and have hope in a heaven, and I really do hope that this is your home with all of the people we love and miss taking care of you for us. I hope by now you have… View Post